PxBridge™ is a bridge that allows for data to pass between your chosen accounting package and your payroll software, resulting in time savings, a reduction in keystroke errors and the elimination of double entry. PxBridge™ is the result of over two years of research from people who understood there needed to be a more efficient way to link your payroll and accounting systems.

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Bridging Payroll with Paychex®

With PxBridge™, payroll personnel will cut their data-entry time and remove the risk of double entries. Simply install the PxBridge™ data-bridge on your system and you’ll eliminate the need to reenter data in Preview® by Paychex®, or have the General Ledger entries imported to your accounting software’s General Ledger.


Each company has unique needs when it comes to payroll software. PxBridge offers bridge solutions that range from a standard bridge to a fully customized solution to cater to your individual needs.


It is important to make sure that you’re comfortable with any technology you use to run your business. Using software that is reliable and easy to understand is important. If any questions do come up, support is only a call away.


Make your payroll process streamlined and painless with PxBridge. With free support for 60 days after implementation, you can rest assured that support will be there if you need it.

Make double entries a thing of the past!

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